Evan Brent Downing performs “Here I Am”

Friday, July 5, 2019 11:04 am
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During June we asked the family to share a Hope Shoutout. One of the family members, Evan, sent us this message:

 “I want to share hope with my mum. She went through a bit of a health issue. She had an aneurysm a few weeks ago and she’s actually going in for open brain surgery. So I wanted to shoutout and say we’re thinking of you mum, praying for you.”

Little did we realise, this was a message from Evan Brent Downing, who joined the star-studded lineup of Brekky Jam artists a few years ago!

Once we connected the dots, we just had to get him back in for another performance and an update on his family.

His mum has gone in for her 9-hour brain operation today! We’ll definitely be praying for his mum Anna, so family if you could join in too, it would be seriously appreciated.

After a sweet family catch up, Evan performed his new song Here I Am. It’s the first single off his upcoming album, inspired by a recent trip to his home town in New Zealand.

“I went back to my home town for the first time in 7 years, Evan shared. Lets say I didn’t have the greatest childhood, not the worst, but not the greatest. I stood in the middle of town and I remember God telling me that I had outgrown my giants, I’d outgrown the shadows that intimidated me.  He said You’ve conquered them, they have no power of you anymore. And that’s where the song came from.”

Listen to Evan Brent Downing ‘s full chat with The Brekky Show below.

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