Encouraging People To Hear the Hope of God

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 2:55 pm
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Maryka Groenwald, WA Director of Australian Christians, joined us to tell us about what hope means to her.Radiothon

Although a career in politics is difficult, particularly in our current environment, Maryka keeps hope knowing God has a plan for her.

“I’ve always had this knowing in my heart that God has called me for a reason. I’ve just prayed Lord put me where I need to be where I can be a vehicle to tell people the goodness of you. “

Since the election many people have admired that we have a political party that is not ashamed to encourage people with the word of God. 98five is another influential vehicle in encouraging people to hear the hope that is found in Jesus.

“It is through the lyrics of a particular song. Every time I listener to the different announcers there is a joy. There is something different that separates Sonshine from all the other radio stations. That’s because of the grace of God.”

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