Pat a dad on the back for having a go

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 11:29 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Dads can take a bit of a bashing now and then, and sometimes it is deserved.

However, we need to encourage fathers when we see them having a crack.

This is what Rory Shiner from Providence Church reckons when he joined Brekky on the Dad Diaries.

When we hear so many stories about men behaving badly in the world, it is important to recognise dads who are doing great things too.

Rory recently went on a dads and sons weekend to Rottnest Island with his son and seven other fathers from his school.

This wasn’t an officially organised event. It was just a one dad thought this is a great idea to sow into the lives of their kids.

What surprised Rory the most, was that there were four other groups of dads on the island all doing the same thing! Some even had taken time off work to be with there sons.

For Rory, being a part of this time allowed him to observe other fathers interacting with their boys.

Watching them looking after them, seeing them picking up their kids when they fall over, reminded him of how God treats us.

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