Employees are resigning and changing jobs now more than ever

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 11:15 am
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Employees are resigning and changing jobs now more than ever.

Businesses are calling it ‘The year of the Great Resignation‘ as more people are quitting their jobs in search of something more meaningful. Nick Marvin, from Marvin HR, joined Mike to delve into this topic. The pandemic has made people reflect on their life and how they spend it at work. People are seeking¬† flexible careers that allow them to dictate their own schedule and pursue their real passions.¬† “It’s a difficult time for employers. It’s a great time though in WA if you are going to be selling a house, selling a car or finding a job. It is a market for employees.

Younger people are willing to make sacrifices in pay and work longer for an organisation they believe in. Nick Marvin’s advice to employers was to highlight what makes them different and what they are doing to change the world. Finding someone is 10% of the problem solved. Keeping them productive and in a meaningful role is 90% of the problem solved. Care for employees as human beings by getting them to work to their strengths, give helpful feedback and remind them that their role helps the organisation succeed.

Retirees, return to work parents people with disabilities, people with special needs, people who want to work from home…Its time to think outside the traditional model of employees to find good talent and keep them.”

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