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A big, scary word popped up in Bec and Jeziel’s conversation with Emily Dickinson this week. Networking… dun, dun duuun! While in a discussion about value, Emily used networking as an example, and Bec and Jeziel both revealed that they do not like networking. So they asked Emily, from Novus Global Executive Coaching, for advice!

The most important thing to think about is your mindset. Emily is a huge fan of serving. So the idea of you being there to serve and not, just to take, will get you much further. Think about it like you’re there for them and they’re there for you. When people don’t like networking they often say “these people are scary” or “what could somebody say to me” or “these people are boring”. Instead, when you’re on your way to a networking event think about what value you could bring as well as what you could take.

Emily Dickinson is passionate about helping us grow from where we are, to something better! Catch the whole conversation from this week below:

Emily is offering one free consultation session for The 98five Family. So if you want to squeeze every drop of value out of what you’re doing, get in contact with her here.

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