Embracing the Seasons of Life

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 1:03 pm
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The seasons of life are about the transitions we go through and how they impact our mindset and actions. The amount of time it takes to move through each season is a reflection of your state-of-mind.

Adrian Munro from Richmond Wellbeing, has had the privilege of working closely with a number of Aboriginal leaders and elders in WA. “One of the things they often say to me is that we can learn so much from nature…mother nature goes through seasons and so why would we not go through seasons as people?”

It can be certain periods of growing where things seem really easy and periods of lots of challenges. But you need all of the seasons for nature to operate. “It couldn’t be summer all the time, it couldn’t be spring all the time because the plants need to lie dormant for awhile…the plants need that time where we prune them back, they rest over winter and then they’re ready when the warmth comes.”

“There has to be a natural cycle and natural seasons to what we have in our life and we have to be aware that these things will happen and we will have seasons in our life where we will grow, evolve, mature and hopefully do things and progress and advance in the way we think and operate.”

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