Elson Goh: Crypto Fad or Future?

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 12:52 pm
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Crypto Currency has been making headlines. Huge price fluctuations in various cryptocurrencies have stirred many different emotions.

EG Financials Expert Elson Goh joined Weekdays to discuss this latest Financial Phenomenon.

The Birth of Crypto Currency

Crypto was born from a rebellion against banks and institutions.  Elson said, “Every time we make a transaction, it is recorded by a bank or institution…people don’t like that.” The response: “I don’t like the banks…I want power to the masses so let’s create a system where everyone can have a copy of those transactions and we don’t have to rely on the bank anymore.”

Elson said, “Those that have put money into Crypto are constantly looking for the latest developments. People yet to jump in have this fear of missing out.”

Are cryptocurrencies part of the evolutionary cycle of money or a fad that will fizzle out?

Elson Goh answers your Crypto Questions. Click below to listen to the whole conversation with Elson. Have listened and it’s still as clear as mud? Drop us a line by using the Question form provided and Elson can answer your query during his next chat with Mike.

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