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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

Elephants raiding crops in Africa is an ongoing problem in Africa and Asia. Traditional fences that protect crops are powerless to prevent the force of an elephant getting to some delicious maize. But there is a new hope thanks to a great initiative set up by Dr. Lucy King and the support from Save the Elephants, and Disney. 

It’s called the Beehive fence. Spaced out every 10m, the beehive sits in a swing that when bumped by an elephant, the hives will swing and release the bees. Not only is this a great way to protect the crops, but it is also a great producer of honey for the local farmers.

I just love it when people create ideas that benefit everyone involved. And in case you were wondering, the elephants have a thick skin that prevents them from being hurt by bee stings.

More information: Bees and Elephants




Source: elephantsandbees

Elephant Fence

Source: Lucy King


Source: BBC

Feature image source: Deborah Derr McClintock

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