Is it okay to eat food off a cafe table?

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 10:44 am
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Been there, done that

Every week, Kirste’s best friend, Shannon, comes on the show to share her latest drama in her life. This week, it was about eating food off the floor.

Whilst at her local cafe, Shannon witnessed someone’s child drop a sandwich. The mum promptly picked it up and gave it back to the child.

This sparked Morro to share this lovely anecdote of when the Brekky team went out for lunch. Brekky producer Corey, dropped a chip on the cafe table, and much to Morro’s disgust, Corey picked it up and ate it.

So, are there rules about eating food off the ground, or even a cafe table? Shannon believes there is fair game at most public places. Morro and Kirste are strongly opposed to it.

Keshi’s rang up and shared a great story about her daughter dropping a whole pizza on the road, and Deacon had everyone in tears (of laughter) about the time he dropped his oreo.

Listen to the conversation below:

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