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Leon Piper | Mornings producer

It’s an issue that’s an affliction on Perth society. Drug addiction has been dominating the news in WA for the past few years, however, Perth rehabilitation centre Shalom House founder and CEO Peter Lyndon-James has been using his past experiences — and dishing out tough love — to guide others out of the dark depths. 

Peter Lyndon-James in the 98five studio on Mornings with Mike

During his regular segment on Mornings with Mike, Peter took a call from a listener whose son is addicted to drugs and has been in and out of rehab, as well as been to prison and is threat to the family.

When the son requested to come back home, his parents agreed, but things quickly went downhill.

Peter had some tough love to hand out to this 98five listener in the hope this family, and others who are struggling with the same problems, will take tough measures to ensure families are kept safe, and drug addicts get help and clean up their act.

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