7 things the Family dropped in the toilet

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 11:13 am
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Kirste, Morro & Corey ask the Family “What have you dropped in the toilet?”

Some people think that breakfast radio is a glamorous kind of lifestyle.

It’s not.
In reality, it’s a 5 am alarm. It’s you trying your very best not to wake up your hubby while you stumble through your room getting ready. It’s being basically half asleep until you switch on your microphone and yell “Morning Family!” at 6.05 am.

Now this “basically half asleep” version of yourself can be dangerous. You’re trying to get ready for the day, but your brain isn’t quite working properly yet.

While Kirste was basically half asleep, is when it happened.

Early this morning, she had just woken up and made her way to the loo. When she stood up she realised she hadn’t tied up her dressing gown. Mortified she looked down, hoping that just the edge of her dressing gown belt had been compromised … but no, it was soaked. She had dunked her dressing gown belt down the loo.

“It was only number 1’s!” Kirste exclaimed.

No one wants to deal with this kind of laundry catastrophe at 5 am, so Kirste took it off, dumped it on the bathroom floor and decided that she will deal with that later!

Kirste thought that she couldn’t be the only person that’s ever done this – we are all human after all! So she took it to the family to hear your What have you dropped in the toilet? stories.

Leanne warns “Don’t take anything into the toilet cubicle with you! I learnt my lesson after I dropped the battery pack for my mic, after singing on stage at church.”

Geraldine from Haynes said “Not me, my husband did it! He was wearing one of those jumpers with the big pocket at the front. He dropped his AND mine in the toilet at the same time.”

Rosie from Wembley said “Well I’m a reader, I like to read in the loo. Just as I turned around to flush, my $400 prescription glasses fell in! Then I had the dilemma, do I flush or not flush? Keep them or leave them…”

James from Armadale said “I had a rather important set of work keys… luckily it landed in there after the flush, but the even better news, I took so long deciding whether to get ’em or not, my work mate just jumped in there and fished ’em out!”

We also learnt that contact lenses do float and cats do not want to be toilet trained (there is a risk of accidentally flushing the cat during training!)

Can you beat these stories – what did you drop down the loo?


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