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A driver crashed their Ferrari the same day they bought it.

After driving less than 3km away from the dealership. The front bonnet was crumpled and covered in scratches making the car a write-off. So Bec wanted to. know, what did you break as soon as you got it?

Telana’s parents gave her a musical yo-yo for Christmas. “As you yo-yo it down it had a jingle that played. It was so cool.” She gave her dad a go but he accidentally smashed it on the floor! The next Christmas her mum gave her a backgammon set which came with a leather case. Her mum wanted to have a look and accidentally held the case over a candle flame! “The pleather completely melted off!”

Billy’s next-door neighbour paid $1500 for a crystal mirror. Four hours after putting it up she dropped it and it smashed. “She bought another one the next day.”

Katie broke her ankle and finally got the cast removed after 8 weeks. Three hours later she broke her ankle again and got another cast. “I took the six-year-old rock climbing.” Two days later, she needed to buy a new phone. Because she was using crutches she had her six-year-old hold it and they dropped it and broke it in the store!

What did you break as soon as you got it? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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