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Every day The Breakfast Show brings you Top That: The top news stories according to us. This morning Corey shared a story with us that he announced as “the most interesting story he’d heard in a long time”!

A survey of 1,000 parents was taken and found that 77% of men and 65% of women had a high opinion of their driving skills. So, News Corp decided to put that to the test! Over 8 days, a portion of these parents were tested on their driving 3 separate times. In one test they were alone, in the next they were with their kids. In the final, they had a pavlova on the passenger seat.

Before we tell you the results, in which test do you think you’d drive the best? Or the most cautiously?

Unbelievably, 95% of these parents improved their skills and driving when they were with the pav compared to with the kids or even by themselves!

65% improved their acceleration, 60% braked more smoothly. 50% turned corners more cautiously and 45% were less distracted by their phones.

Consumer Psychologist Dr Adrian Camilleri said that “When people first learn to drive, it’s a skill that requires a lot of attention. But as we become more experienced we go into autopilot.” She explained that even our kids can become a part of that routine. However, something like a pavlova on the passenger seat is out of the ordinary. It snaps us out of autopilot mode.

This data then inspired a holiday safe driving campaign for NRWA insurance, which hits pretty close to home. Watch it below.

So next time we’re driving, we should imagine there is a fresh, delicious pavlova on the seat next to us. Maybe that will solve Perth’s driving/traffic crisis!

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