When was the last time you washed your dressing gown?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 10:50 am
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Kirste from The Brekky Show has discovered something in her family that could potentially be a health hazard.

“Oh no, what did you make for dinner?” Morro asked. Kirste was not talking about her cooking! (She’s actually a really good cook.)

Kirste went on to tell us that she usually doesn’t get changed into her PJs until quite late at night. Just when she’s ready to go to bed. As we all know, last night was very, very cold, so she felt like she needed to get cozy. So off she went, jumped into her PJs and threw on her dressing gown.

“I looked down, and maybe it was because it was still light, but I noticed that my dressing gown sleeve was FILTHY. I’m talking to the point of skanky. I have to confess, I truly don’t remember the last time I washed my dressing gown.”

So she asked, how often do people wash their dressing gowns?

This made Morro reminisce about being gifted his Gown of Glory. It was almost this time last year that a few legendary listeners gave Morro a West Coast Eagles dressing gown. Moz says we’re never allowed to refer to it as “just a dressing gown”, it’s always referred to as The Gown of Glory “because it’s so much more than just a robe.”

Morro's dressing gown or "the Gown of Glory"

He admitted that the Gown of Glory has never been washed. That gave Morro had an idea. “Maybe we should make a national wash your dressing gown day so that we can all wash them together and avoid this health hazard!”

As always we took some advice from The Family.

Shane from North Beach (who was one of the said legends that gifted Morro his Gown of Glory) says “I’m in the same boat. I haven’t washed my gown of glory and that things has been across the country. It’s been to the MCG, to Karratha… There’s no way I’m washing it. I don’t want it to lose it’s softness or it’s character.”

Bec from Greenwood says “I have a summer robe and a winter gown. I reckon you have to wash the summer robe more often. It’s got more contact with your skin, so maybe wash that once a week. But the winter robe is outwear, it goes over your PJs, so maybe only wash that once a month.”

Morro had to pause the conversation for a second. “Hold on, he interjected, there is a summer AND winter gown option? Maybe I can get a lighter, thinner Gown of Glory for summer!!”

It’s safe to say this morning’s chat could potentially have changed Morro’s life.

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