Dr Innis explains the average cost of having a cat

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 12:45 pm
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Dr Innis, from Kingsway Vet Centre, joined Jeziel to answer some of your pet-related questions.

How much does it cost to have a cat per year?
If you are thinking of getting a cat you need to consider the cost of food, litter, toys, vaccinations, vet visits, worming and flea treatment. You also need to think about who would look after it when you go on holiday. Would you need to hire a pet sitter or pay for them to go to a cat hotel? On average all these things can add up to $1000-$1200.

Can I keep my cat indoors 100% of the time?
If your cat is used to staying inside there is no reason why they can’t. You will need to make sure they are litter trained and have enough toys and furniture to keep them entertained. “Cats are naturally sort of climbers and investigators. They like to climb into dark places and explore.” If want to go the extra mile you can build an indoor playground for your cat. “They are lots of companies in Perth that build you like a cat hotel and cat gym from heaven. It is absolutely to die for.”

Listen to the full chat below to hear Dr Innis explain the cost of having a dog and the best food for different breeds. Let us know your pet-related questions by texting or messaging us on socials.

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