Dolphins snag a feast in WA’s Great Southern

Thursday, November 10, 2016 2:52 pm
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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer and Public Relations Officer

An Albany photographer has captured a breathtaking shot of a pod of dolphins caught in a wave at Cheyne Beach in WA’s South West.

The pod of more than 10 dolphins were playfully surfing the waves while feasting on fish.


Photo Credit: RJS Photography

“(I) noticed large pod dolphins heading in towards shore (and) drove along the beach parallel until they decided to surf into the gutter at front shoreline looking for a feed of fish,” said Photographer Raeline Smith.The beach is no stranger to stunning wildlife. A hump back whale managed to free itself from weeds near at Cheyne Beach in September.

The whale was freed by the incoming tide which allowed it to lift itself off the weed bank and get to safety. It then managed to turn itself toward the sea, away from the beach.


Photo Credit: @CheynesBeach

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