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Tackling the groundbreaking issues as always, Brekky with Shannon, Mike and Corey discussed if the colour of a mug affects the flavour of the contents.

Mike let slip early in the show that he only drinks his coffee from his favourite light porcelain mug, claiming that any coffee in a darker mug does not taste as good.

Corey and Shannon meanwhile believe that this was merely a mental barrier and that all drinks, coffee or otherwise, taste the same.

So, Brekky put the question out to the family to see if Mike is the only person who does this.

Cue the phones running hot with the family coming to Mike’s aid, each agreeing that the colour of a mug does change the flavour of the drink.

Dan says even though he is an Eagles fan, drinks in his blue and yellow mug are inferior to his white mug.

Beth out in Tapping things it’s more than just colour, but also shape of handle and the size of the lip!


Have a listen listen to all the callers below:


Not satisfied though with the family’s defence in favour of Mike, Corey and Shannon opted for a blind taste test.

Two mugs, one dark and the other light, two identical portions of coffee were made.

With a blindfold on his head, Mike was first given the light mug to sip, and then the dark mug.

The verdict? Mike believed that the better tasting coffee was from the second mug, the darker mug!

Thus proving, that this was all a load of baloney!

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