Does anyone know what 3D printers look like?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 9:02 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Corey Sutton

It seems like 3D printers are the future of creativity and innovation, but does anyone actually know what they look like?

Well look no further. I have done some extensive and strenuous research (Google), and have unearthed information that is either ground breaking or mundane – you be the judge.

printer 1

It looks like something that belongs in a science fiction film. If you are unsure of the amazing capabilities of these contraptions, then check out these designs below. Take a moment to appreciate that each object below is relative to the coin it rests on – insane!

what-can-you-3d-print-with-solus-junction3d-printer-5 what-can-you-3d-print-with-solus-junction3d-printer-8 what-can-you-3d-print-with-solus-junction3d-printer-12 what-can-you-3d-print-with-solus-junction3d-printer-22 what-can-you-3d-print-with-solus-junction3d-printer-26

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