Do you take a picture of your meal before you eat it?

14 December 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In Poles Apart, Bec and Jeziel test statistics that they’ve heard or read online against the 98five Family.

“Camera eats first” is the behaviour of people taking photos of their meals with digital or smartphone cameras before they eat. Apparently, 64% of Aussies will take a photo of their meal at a restaurant before eating it, and Bec is one of these Aussies! She says if the food is plated up aesthetically she can’t help but take a pic or if she has made a good-looking home-cooked meal, she’ll put up a photo of the dish on her Instagram Story. While Jeziel says he very rarely does, only if what he’s eating is exceptionally good… or exceptionally bad.

At a restaurant do you take a picture of your meal?

The top 10 most photographed foods and drinks on Instagram:

10. Avocado – 5,068,263 photos on Instagram.
9. Burgers
8. Strawberries
7. Salads
6. Chicken
5. Sushi
4. Ice Cream
3. Pizza – 37,000,000 posts
2. Wine
1. Coffee – over 60,156,204 photos of coffee across Instagram!

One of the most interesting things that Jeziel found out was that men are actually more likely to take pictures of food and drink, in fact, they’re twice as likely. Apparently, for the men who take photos of their food, it’s all about showing how “clean” and healthy they are.

After asking the 98five family to vote on whether they take pictures of their meals, Bec and Jeziel found that only 20% do so, which is hugely different to the nationwide statistics.

According to a psychology report, taking photos of your meal before eating builds anticipation, improves the taste of the food, and boosts your experience. So maybe next time you’re out for a nice meal, snap a pic before you indulge and message us if you think it improved your experience.

Do you take a picture of your meal before you eat it? Have a listen below.