Do you still do handwritten notes?

Friday, July 24, 2020 4:18 pm
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Yesterday something very special happened to Mike. After he arrived home, he walked into his office and noticed an A4 piece of paper waiting for him. He noticed it instantly because he usually keeps his office spotless. His first thought was “this is a to do list from Jayne” (his wife) but when he saw what it actually was, his heart melted!

His daughter had left him a handwritten note that simply read “Hi dad, I love you”. Isn’t that just so sweet!

Mike was so touched, “in these days we all text so much or maybe an email, but I loved this handwritten note.”

So Mike wants to know, do people still do this, do people still handwrite notes? Do you still do handwritten notes?

This is what The Family had to say:

Chris from Dianella rang up to tell us about the time his uncle tried to teach him a lesson. Chris asked if he could borrow his Uncle’s holiday house via text. A few days later Chris was confused as to why he hadn’t received a reply. So he called his uncle to find out if everything was ok and his uncle said everything was fine, “I just wanted you to call me and ask me voice to voice!” So Chris made a conscious effort to write a handwritten thank you note.

Claire puts a handwritten note in her kids’ lunchboxes every day!

Colleen from Byford told us that her husband often works away, so she writes him little love notes and his them in his undies!

What about you, do you like to give or receive handwritten notes? Join the conversation on our socials.

Have a listen to the conversation from The Breakfast Show Below:

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