Do you have a sleepwalker in your family?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 3:32 pm
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Do you have a sleepwalker in your family?

Shannon joined Kirste and Dan on The Breakfast Show to talk about sleepwalkers after she recently discovered her nine year old son is a sleepwalker. “Over the school holidays I’m up a bit later. So I was watching TV and I glance up and see somebody standing on the stairs. He was just standing there with his eyes open not saying anything.” Kirste and Dan wanted to know if anyone else knows a sleepwalker and to share some interesting stories.

Kelly called in to share that her 9 year old son doesn’t just sleepwalk. “He doesn’t just wander around the house he tries to go the toilet in random places.” Helen texted in to share her partner’s strange sleepwalking habits. “My partner used to sleepwalk  and now it’s limited to just the toilet. He also talks, so if I’m awake I just respond and he goes back to sleep. He tells me about his dreams like dinosaurs eating strawberry shortcake on a picnic. My favourite was when he sang to me in his sleep, because he was more in tune than when he is awake.”

Do you know anyone that is a sleepwalker? Share your stories with us by texting or messaging us on socials.

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