Do you have a long lost relative?

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 5:02 pm
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Do you have a long lost relative? Well there is a story that Bec came across about two sisters who found each other whilst working at a restaurant.

Julie Tinetti and Cassandra Madison first met when they worked together at a bar in New Haven, Connecticut. They grew to be fast friends — they found out

they were both adopted, had tattoos honoring their native Dominican Republic and were both raised by single mothers.

Both Bec and Jeziel do not have any long lost relatives but this did make them ask the question, “Do you have a long lost relative?”

Teresa gave us a call and her story blew our minds! She found her long lost brother of 65 years two weeks ago! But Adele’s story tops them all! Her stepfather was in World War II and was separated from his 6 siblings when he was 5 years old. He knew he had siblings but he didn’t know how to find them. His daughter went to Germany for a seminar and at the seminar she was seated next to a gentleman. They started talking and she told him about the her dad’s story and the fact that he is still looking for his one long last brother. This gentleman asked her what his name was, he looked at her shocked and said, “that is my brother!”

We would love to hear your story! Do you have a long lost relative? Send us a text on our text line or get in touch with on Instagram or Facebook.

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