Do you bring your own snacks to the movies?

Thursday, April 8, 2021 11:30 am
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Are you the type of person that buys their snacks at the movies or do you sneak in your own?popcorn

Kirste and Dan had a discussion about movie snacks. Dan confessed he used to bring in all sorts of food ranging from burritos to Thai food but now buys his snacks from the movies. Kirste, is the opposite and prefers to prepare her own.

If the movie is at 2 o’clock we leave by 1 o’clock at the latest. We park the car, get our tickets, go into the super market and stock up on snacks and chocolate.

The Brekky Duo wanted to know what everyone else does and if they bring their own snacks. One listener told them she can be both, depending on the situation.

I normally pack a few snacks because it’s not cheap to go.” But said one time she told her son she couldn’t go to his basketball game because she had a meeting. Instead she went to the movies with her friend and decided to treat herself to popcorn and drinks. She left the popcorn in the car and the next morning when they were going to church the whole car smelt like popcorn! Busted!

Another listener called in and told Kirste and Dan she has a special bag they fill with snacks before going to the movies. “I’ve got a 7 year old and whenever I announce we’re going to the movies he’s says ‘mum I’ll get the bag’.”

So what do you do? Do you BYO movies snacks or do you buy them at the movie?  Let us know you stories by texting or messaging us on social media.

Have a listen to the conversation below:

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