Do you answer your kids’ questions honestly?

Friday, March 5, 2021 4:38 pm
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Bec’s 5-year-old asked her an array of questions this morning at 6.30 am. These weren’t normal questions but they do get asked and I’m sure fellow mums would know what Bec is talking about.

  1. What happened to Adam and Eve?
  2. What’s it like when we die?
  3. Where does the earth end?
  4. Will the sun explode one day?
  5. Will everyone die straight away?

What do you answer to these questions? Bec was puzzled. So we had to ask the question, “Do you answer your kid’s questions honestly?”

Jeremy gave us a call and he shared some good tips on how to deal with these hard questions. He is a teacher so he gets asked these hard questions all the time. He recommends to write down the questions Bec’s kids ask and research them later because during this age children’s brains develop and they want to learn more! We should nurture that and value these questions.

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Listen to the full conversation below:


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