Disney’s Patrick: Movie Review

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 10:08 am
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Disney’s Patrick Rating: PG
This meme pretty much sums up Disney’s new British Rom-Com ‘Patrick’.
Sarah is a single woman whose life is a bit of a mess & she is definitely not a dog person. Then her grandmother passes away leaving Sarah her precious & disobedient Pug Patrick.
There were a lot of Awww’s & exclamations of how ridiculously adorable the leading “man” (Pug) was but that may have just been from me, someone whose dream is it to have a Pug someday & Mel ( Drive show) who saw it with me, and we all know she is a Pug fanatic!
‘Disney’s Patrick’ in true British Rom-Com tradition does hit quite a few funny moments, many cringe-worthy moments & more than one unrealistic ‘meet cute’ moment’s with the male (human) leads……seriously though as Mel exclaimed during one of those moments “That never happens, you don’t meet guys at the park!”
Despite at times being cliched & having acting/production that gave away it’s lower budget. ‘Disney’s Patrick’ is surprisingly tame for Rom Com’s these days. It is sweet while still getting the laughs & a breath of fresh air in among some of the heavier drama driven films out at this time of year.
Perfect for a wholesome girls night out with your other dog owning/ loving friends or a mother & daughter afternoon at the movies.
In Cinemas in Australia NOW!
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