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I’ll admit I was very apprehensive going into this film… So much of my childhood is tied to the Winnie the Pooh world that A.A Milne so brilliantly created. Thankfully I was being afraid for no reason!

Disney’s Christopher Robin has managed to tap into its rich history that is so often thrown away to make a film feel fresh or new, instead it leans into it’s past wonderfully creating something magically nostalgic.
There were times I wondered just how many of the well known & well recited ‘classic’ Winnie the Pooh quotes would I hear in the film. In the end most of the words spoken by our beloved 100-acre wood residents I did recognise from the books, more surprisingly it never felt forced or out of place. The film spends much of its time in the ‘real’ world, not the 100-acre wood, & the characters seem so realistic it was hard to not believe a vintage teddy bear had come to life, massive props to the props/editing etc. departments for that. Despite being in the ‘real world’ a lot the magical feeling of the 100-acre wood still came through in the brilliant cinematography throughout the whole film.
While the story line is definitely one to leave a good impression, perhaps even start some conversations, with your older children & the adults. I think the wonder & magic of the film will still be a beautiful way to introduce your younger children to the 100-acre wood & it’s inhabitants. At times there is no subtlety in the story & every so often it can seem a tad unrealistic however for me that added to the overall feeling that I was watching A.A Milne’s work, coming to life in front of me.
Ultimately this film brings your favourite A.A Milne characters to the screen just as you want them to be; crazy, sad, funny, anxious, oblivious, wise, adventurous & all the other complex emotions that A.A Milne always wrote with such honesty. You’ll be able to fall in love with them all over again and be reminded, as I was by a 5-year-old watching it at the same time as me, that sad Eeyore can be funny, that piglet’s anxiety is a beautiful part of him and that no matter what is happening in life if we stop and listen to each other the perspective we need can usually be found.
If you are, or ever were, a fan of Winne The Pooh then this is well worth the journey into the nostalgia, take your family on the trip or maybe even introduce someone new, young or just young at heart, to the world of the 100-acre wood.
You can even win yourself some tickets to see the movie! Just tune into the Brekky and Drive show this week and listen out for their Winnie The Pooh games!
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