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By Simone Cathryn

Rated PG: Not recommended for children under 4 years (Occasional scary/dark scenes and depictions of magic.)

Disney’s new live action Aladdin is magical. With plenty of adventure, romance, dance, music and a lot of humour. This live action remake stays true to the original while still giving us a new take on the story. 

Princess Jasmine is courageous, compassionate and beautiful

A brilliant adventurous leader who has one of the most powerful scenes; accompanied by a new song destined to be an anthem for young girls around the world.
Naomi Scott brings a perfect balance of strength and vulnerability to the role of Princess Jasmine giving us a more deeply developed character than the original animation. Mena Massoud as Aladdin is just the right amount of sweetness, mischief and determination. He excels in the fun dance and adventure scenes while also bringing an earnestness to the heartfelt moments. His friendship with Abu and the Magic Carpet is exquisitely portrayed leaving the audience smiling often.
Don’t be surprised if Parkour clubs have an increase in interest soon! Aladdin, Abu, Magic Carpet & Jasmine’s numerous adventures around the city of Agrabah will have kids, and even some adults, wanting to run, jump, climb and leap off everything they can find.

Will Smith’s swagger spices up the Genie

Not everyone will love Will Smith’s take on the Genie, bringing to the role plenty of swagger and just a little bit of arrogance, it is not a carbon copy of the Genie we remember from the animated film of the 90s. Smith put his own spin on it that I loved even if it doesn’t win everyone over.
While there were some technical, editing, sound mixing & occasional directing choices I didn’t feel did the film justice Disney’s Aladdin overall was fun, heartfelt, powerful and ultimately magical to watch!
Take the family, go on a date night, get together with friends or just go on your own, because Disney’s Aladdin will certainly brighten you up this winter! In Cinemas from Thursday 23rd May 2019

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