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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 3:19 pm
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Inex Palit | 98five blogger

Dinner Twist is a Perth dinner delivery service that delivers fresh local produce curated with set recipes to create wonderful and delicious dishes at home.

Each ingredient is carefully picked in exact quantities allowing for a reduced food wastage while still maximising the flavour of each dish. This wonderful concept is especially useful for anybody who enjoys maintaining the creativity and freshness of cooking at home but have limited time to go to the grocer in their busy schedule.

Dinner Twist Feast Inex PalitDinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

Dinner Twist Feast Inex PalitDinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

The amazing thing about Dinner Twist is the fact that they can cater to people with different allergies and food requirements (e.g. gluten free, pork free or fish free) with no additional costs. When offered to choose between Foodie or Family Box, my husband and I decided to be a bit more adventurous and went with the Foodie Box which offers more exotic recipes.

Opening the box, you can immediately tell there was a lot of thought and work that went behind the scenes to create the different recipes available. Week after week, the team at Dinner Twist regularly attends cooking classes, seminars and food expos to always keep recipes interesting and exciting.

They are also well aware of seasonal produce, trending food and exciting cooking techniques while ensuring each food box retains the fresh seasonal produce and nutrition. At the moment they are preparing something exciting for the Spring Menu together with Eva & Debra (MKR 2015 semi-finalists).

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

Our Foodie Box for two people consisted of ingredients for:

  • Crispy Skin Toothfish with Daikon Noodles
  • Dry Chicken Curry with Carrot Raita
  • Lentil and Cacciatore Salad
  • Beef Stroganoff

Word of warning: It’ll be wise to read the booklet first before diving into the recipe since one ingredient might need to be used multiple times. I contacted another two of my foodie friends who love to cook to have a dinner feast and we created all four items in the Foodie Box in one night!

Dry Chicken Curry

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

The first thing we tried to cook was Dry Chicken Curry with Carrot and Cucumber Raita. This dish was quite simple to make and very delicious when eaten together with the brown rice. We chopped off all the ingredients and followed the easy recipe in the booklet. The curry was flavoursome and definitely one of the favourites of the night.

Beef Stroganoff

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

We struggled a bit when trying to make cauliflower rice for Beef Stroganoff because our friend only had a small food processor. We had to divide the medium-sized cauliflower into multiple batches to grind easily. I chopped off the thyme and was told off because the recipe said I had to pick the leaves (I’ve never cooked with thyme before *grins*).

We also put too much sundried tomato with the beef but despite the small mishaps, the dish turned up really well.

PS: I don’t have any food processor at home and if you’re in the same boat as me, it might be wise to check with Dinner Twist before ordering the weekly box (in case you need one).

Lentil and Cacciatore Salad

Dinner Twist Feast Inex PalitDinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

The Lentil and Cacciatore Salad was really different because I had never cooked anything with lentil before. I had to ask one of my friends whether I took the right ingredient from the box. I had never cooked anything fancy from scratch (and yes, lentil was quite fancy for me).

The result was a really great salad, although we should have diced the cacciatore instead of slicing it.

Crispy Skin Toothfish with Daikon Noodles

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

We left the most exciting dish until the last. Dinner Twist provided us with Glacier 51 Patagonian Toothfish which was the “wagyu” of fish.

There’s a video on Facebook which also demonstrates how to cook the fillets until they are crispy and golden. I couldn’t believe we pulled off the toothfish with such delicious and fresh gingery sauce. The fresh daikon noodle was a really great addition for this delightful meal.

Dinner Twist Feast Inex Palit

Dinner Twist sent me an email of items I might need to buy or already have in the pantry before they delivered the box. The email was sent five days before which allowed me enough time to refill my usually empty pantry.

After cooking up a storm, we definitely agreed that Dinner Twist allowed enough time and ingredients for all recipes. They also introduced different type of ingredients we never thought of using in our cooking.

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