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Today is Sponsor A Village! Partnering with Compassion Australia, to help transform a village one child at a time. Each child has a name and a story, and I’d like you to meet, Particia.

Particia lives with her two siblings, her mother and her father in a ramshackle hut on her godmother’s farm. They care for the land in exchange for living in the tiny shanty.

Particia has been registered with the Compassion centre but is still waiting for a sponsor. Her father, Irish, says Compassion is a wonderful opportunity to help Particia have a future free from poverty.

Life on the farm is wrought with challenges and health risks. There are no toilets – they use the creek or the street. They lack basic infrastructure, living without electricity, refrigeration and clean water. All food needs to be consumed when they purchase it, after walking through mud and rough terrain to reach the shops.

They also eat from the forest and walk 10 minutes to the nearest spring to collect water. Waterborne illnesses are prevalent in this area. The mosquitos commonly swarm around the spring and in the dense terrain of the farm, causing Particia’s family anxiety from the possible threat of dengue fever.

Their ramshackle home is in an isolated spot far from the highway as they can’t afford to rent another place to live that’s closer to the town. The shanty is unstable and not weatherproof. During the typhoon season, the roof blows off, leaving Particia’s family exposed to the dangerous weather. This happens three to five times every year.

If someone in Particia’s family is sick, they need to trek through the mud, bushland and often rain, to get to the medical centre.

“Sponsorship means her parents can hope for a different life for her. A different life to the remoteness, different from the lack of amenities, from the lack of relationship. This could have been any of us, just born into different circumstances,” said Mel Crothers, Compassion Ambassador.

Meet a child just like Particia today, and help transform a village one child at a time. Click the banner below.

Compassion Sponsor a Village Day
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