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Erin appreciates the difference between 98five and commercial radio stations

We received this message from listener Erin:

“Thank you for continuing to provide a refreshing voice and loving family focus on our airwaves. I’m proud to be able to tell people about the differences between 98five and commercially run radio stations.”

We were so blown away to think that Erin is an advocate for 98five, because we’re a not-for-profit, listener-supported station & proud of it! We’re here for the community and supported by it.

But what exactly does this mean? There are 3 crucial differences between us and commercially run radio stations:

  1. We rely on roughly 55% of our funds to come from donations from individuals just like you.
  2. We’re limited to only five minutes of sponsorship announcements per hour compared to the 22+ minutes per hour for commercial.
  3. We’re registered and legally audited as a ‘not for profit’ – we exist to build into your family’s life. To encourage love, hope, positivity and belief in our communities. So, in a way our ‘profit’ is lives transformed and changed for the better.

Nearly half of our annual fundraising income is generated in our June Appeal so you can understand how crucial it is that we get near our target of $595,000. This takes care of our operating expenses including funding our great team at 98five as well as paying the bills like electricity and our license and music royalty fees.

We exist because of you! As a listener supported radio station, if it wasn’t for your support there wouldn’t be a voice of hope for families on the airwaves in Perth and across WA!

Donate now

If you’d like to give us a call like Erin did, dial 9313 0985 – we would so love to chat with you or follow along with all the fun on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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