Did you grow up to be what you wanted?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 2:54 pm
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Did you grow up to be what you wanted? Today on Brekky with Kirste and Dan, They wanted to know if any listeners had grown up to be what they wanted.

There are all these questions you get asked around fifteen about what you want to do with your life. There are people that just know.”

Jackie from Canningvale called in to tell them about her son. Her son wanted to have his own electrical company since he was in primary school. He did work experience with an electrician and got an apprenticeship when he graduated high school. After he became fully qualified and got his license he started his own electrical company. “Him and wife are pastors but he is an electrician during the week.

Melanie texted in “I knew when I was twelve that I wanted to be a teacher so that is what I did. I’m now fifty and still teaching.” Felicity from Balcatta said “I knew since when I was ten that I wanted to work with kids. I’ve been an early childhood educator since I was seventeen and I’m  now forty nine. I’ve been at my current centre for twenty eight years.”

To hear the full chat have a listen below. Did you grow up to be what you wanted? Let us know by texting or messaging on social.

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