How did you get your stolen stuff back?

Thursday, October 17, 2019 5:23 pm
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It’s unfortunately all too common. that sinking feeling when you realise something of yours has been stolen. Whether it’s a few bucks of change or a car, it’s never fun. In fact, basically the only thing that can fix it is to get your stuff back. Sometimes the police find it, sometimes you find it. But sometimes, oh those glorious sometimes, you get your stuff back in a more interesting way.


Whether you track down your property like a basset hound, or you stumble across it much later on in life, very little can compare to the elation you feel upon reclaiming your precious possessions. It all started when Jeziel heard about his friend’s phone. This friend was working at a cafe, and let a stranger use his phone, in an act of good service gone wrong. The stranger took off, leaving our brave barista sans smartphone. While many would give up on their touchscreen buddy, not our protagonist. He wisely activated the phone’s tracking feature, and watched as like an international tourist with a free afternoon, it went on a tour around Mandurah.

While it’s all fun and games to watch your iFriend cut laps around WA’s seaside paradise, our hero had a better idea. An extra feature of the phone would enable him to activate the ringtone at full volume, with no shutoff other than his own thumbprint. Eventually, the incessant noise prompted the thief to toss the phone into some bushes, where it was safely recovered.

After hearing this roller coaster of a story, Mel and Jeziel wanted more. Their craving for justice was insatiable. Luckily, our intrepid 98five family could supply them with all the amazing stories they could want. Johan had a car stolen, but he not only got it back, but also sold it for a profit! Jonathan’s car was also stolen… But abandoned not 20 metres down the road.

For all of the great stories, check out the podcast below:

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