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January 2019

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#Blessed – Happy are the people (Fringe Festival Performances)

Event time: 3.30-4.15pm

 Head along for a fun time. Know you’re so #blessed but mostly just #stressed? Come and count your blessings with us at our FRINGE WORLD high energy show. Sing, clap and groove along to our community based gospel choir-get your tickets early as our last two show runs sold out! Cost (if applicable): $12-20 Location:...
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Performers wanted to make a splash

 City of Nedlands is seeking talented young performers to get onstage at Splashfest for up to 10 minutes on Sunday 10 March. They’ll need musicians, dancers, magicians and more! To find out more or register your spot, call Chris Cottle on 9273 3500 or email Registrations close 31 Jan 2019. Cost (if applicable): Location:...