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November 2018

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1 November
2 November
3 November

Australiyaniality: exploring Australian identity and wellbeing

Event time: 2-6pm Tues-Fri, 12-6pm Sun

 Australiyaniality is an ambitious and relevant project, the beginning of an artist movement for change. It is creating a platform for the conversations that need to be had to make our country a better place, a place that delivers well-being of mind, body and spirit to all Australians. Cost (if applicable): Location: Holmes à Court...
4 November
5 November
6 November
7 November
8 November
9 November
10 November
11 November

Remembrance Day 2018

Event time: 11am

 As part of the Remembrance Day Commemorative Service 2018, the newly installed ANZAC Bell will officially ring out for the first time following the 100 Buglers sounding of the Last Post, near 11am. Then from 11.30am. Cost (if applicable): Free Location: The Bell Tower Barrack Square Perth 6831 Contact details: Jessica Bearham 6210 0444...
12 November
13 November
14 November
15 November
16 November
17 November
18 November

Battle at the Beach

Event time: 9-3pm

 Head along to the gladiator wrestling competitions #4 ‘Battle At The Beach’ . Endorsed by Wrestling WA. A child friendly event, right on the beach, with games, music, sausage sizzle and drinks on sale. Not just for wrestlers but also athletes from other martial arts. Cost (if applicable): Spectators Free, Competitors $20 Location: Scarborough Amphitheatre...
19 November
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