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October 2021

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10 October

Trinity School for Seniors Art & Craft Exhibition

Event time: 11am-2pm

 Reading Time: < 1 minute The annual Art & Craft Exhibition is one of the main highlights of the Trinity School for Senior’s school year, allowing students to showcase their creative talents to the people of Perth – something they might not necessarily be able to do otherwise. Entries in this year’s Exhibition will include paintings, drawings, multimedia pieces, needlework...
11 October
12 October
13 October
14 October
15 October
16 October
17 October

Missions Expo 21

Event time: 8.30am

 Reading Time: < 1 minute To celebrate the launch of Mercy Reach Foundation, Mount Pleasant Baptist invite you to Missions Expo 21. A free event, with more than a dozen Perth based ministries on display, and key people from each of these ministries, this will be a great opportunity to hear and see what God is doing across our city,...
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