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Each week were asking pastors and leaders in our community to pop in for a chat. They share whatever’s on their mind in the hope to inspire and motivate us bang smack in the middle of the week. Derek Gerard from Be The Church joins us today!

One of Be the Church’s newest out reach program is Beach Chaplaincy. It’s based off the same idea as the street chaplaincy program that runs though Northbridge.  What an amazing privledge it is to have awesome volunteers walking the streets of Scarborough in partnership with the police and the government safety team. It’s all about trying to make scarborough a family friendly place.

That got me thinking about our Facebook group We Love Scarborough. A place for local cafes or community groups or businesses to say “hey check out this cool, new thing we’re doing in your local area” or citizens says “I’ve lost this thing has anyone seen it?” or “I need help with this…” It’s a really practical way to reach straight into the heart of the community. Regularly we can drop things in that the church are putting on and we get to hear in real time what people want to say about that.

“So much of community is dragging people away and our homes are almost our castles that we stay in and don’t interact with people. I certainly think as christian people it’s good to think about how we’re out and about. Out of the church building, interacting in this natural community way and showing people who we are and go about life.”

Do what you do, just add 1 or 2

If you only remember one thing from this chat, try and remember this: Do what you do, but add 1 or 2. It’s a little mantra of mine. It means keep doing your everyday life but think how can you include someone in that.

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