Day Three: Vote for Hope June Appeal 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 6:09 pm
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Tuesday — Day Three, and ‘hump day’, of 98five’s Vote for Hope June Appeal Week — was turbo-charged to get the tally to $204,015 (just over halfway) by the end of Drive.

Brekky with Kirste and Morro kicked off Turbo Tuesday just above the$125,000 mark but Morro knew June Appeal 2016 ‘hump day’ would need an extra charge and came prepped in his fave Chuck Norris tshirt, also declaring the day: ‘Chuck Chooseday’.


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98five is a listener-supported station with more than half of operational costs covered by generous supporters. This year 98five needs $405,000 to continue to broadcast our positive message of hope throughout WA.

Listener Pat donated on behalf of his dog ‘Roxy the truckie dog’ — possibly a first for community radio — during Brekky and cemented 98five’s ‘we’re family’ stance, pets included! Which then snowballed into a Pet Power Hour with 98five listeners donating on behalf of their family pets.

The Morrison’s own little Charlie sent Morro’s pulse racing when he was informed the pup was about to jump online and donate, and possibly go on a pooch spending spree for the rest of the day (judging by the Beverly Hills looking background of Charlie’s location).

Charlie Morro's family dog

Charlie has also been embroiled in Brekky‘s Daily Derby Term 2 ‘disputed cheating’ scandal that has now blown out to involve 98five boss Bevan who’s calling on listeners to form the Jury. Tune into this Friday’s Brekky with Kirste and Morro for the verdict. 

Mornings host Mike “MC Hammer Pants” Crichton helped out in the phone room. (Check out Mike’s 98.5 seconds video for his nickname backstory).

Mike MC Hammer Pants meme

While Drive’s Jeziel was asked to film Ash’s Day 3 analysis but accidentally took photos. Although we’re pretty sure these pic results are as informative as Ash’s video would have been.

Ash analysis Day 3 Ash analysis Day 3

The (slightly late) Lunch Wrap media team were pretty chuffed with themselves by the end of their report…

And Nights and Sundays host JD and LiveOutLoud’s Tyson started a Vote for Hope policies board, asking for the election policies you would love our Government to enact, whether ‘fun or for real’ including Tyson’s suggestion to ‘Get a Minister for Partying’ and the 98five family’s continued desire to ‘Support School Chaplaincy‘.

JD and Tyson Vote for Hope policies

There was so much packed in between Brekky and Drive but we think this video sums it all up pretty (not) clearly — again to the backing track of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling that’s all part of Appeal week’s #DropITandDance challenge, which we’ve been asking you to get involved in!


Only two more days to go!


Keep checking to see the Senate Seats Tally fill up and catch all of the in-Studio action on our live webcams, 6am to 6pm, Friday 24 June to Thursday 30 June.

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JD Snaptag profile

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