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New single by Daryl Braithwaite ‘Love Songs’

Have a listen and tell us, does it sound a bit different to the rest of his music? If you think so, you’re not wrong! Daryl Braithwaite admits it’s a different kind of song to what he would normally play. He was supposed to be the messenger for this song, to pass it onto someone else – but, by chance, he ended up securing it.

“It was sent to me by an old friend of mine,” Daryl explains. “He wanted to know if I could forward it to my friend, ex-Sherbet manager Roger Davies. He wanted to see if P!nk would like it. I had it for two days and thought ‘this sounds right up P!nk’s alley’. I sent it to Roger on my phone and didn’t hear back. Weeks turned into a couple of months and eventually, we ended up having lunch together – I asked what he thought of the song and he said he’d never received it.”

“I had started playing it with my band and the reaction it got from audiences was really good. People at the gigs felt like they knew it by the second chorus. Roger finally got to hear it and said, ‘It suits you more than P!nk, and she’s not recording at the moment’. I was relieved. So, we went ahead and recorded it.”

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