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Acclaimed Irish-American band, We Are Messengers, in their own words, are a rag-tag group of friends who still believe that it’s possible to change the world – they sure do sound like our type of people!

After raging success with their 5 billboard Christian airplay top 10’s, including their #1 radio single Maybe It’s Ok – they’ve just released their new album Power as well as the single Love! …And we got to chat to lead singer Darren Mulligan all about it!

“The cool thing about this song is that when I was coming home to my hotel room after a gig and I was feeling really lonely… I just started chatting with the Lord saying ‘I’m sick of running around in circles, doing the same old thing, getting the same old results, never really finding joy or hope and by the time I got back to the room, 10 minutes later, the whole song was written. The reason the song is so joyful is because that’s how we really feel. That’s where we are at this time in our lives and we don’t need to pretend that we’re joyful and thankful, we just are. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect – we are still a big old mess! But we know that all our strength is found in the love of God.”

We Are Messengers new single ‘Love’.


The interview we had with Darren is unbelievably great for two reasons.

#1: The words he had to share were so real and inspirational and he manages to share the love of God in about 4 minutes. #2 His accent is like honey on the ears, you’ll want to replay it over and over again just to enjoy the sweet sound of a man from Monaghan, Ireland.

Darren jam packs the 5-minute conversation he had with The Brekky Show with so much goodness. He shares on his relationship with Christ and how the stories shared after the song Maybe It’s Ok was released, impacted him. This is a conversation you can’t miss!

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