Dan’s lockdown confession

Thursday, February 4, 2021 9:59 am
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By the time day three of lockdown had rolled around, most of us had settled into a rhythm. Perhaps a slightly later wake up, make a coffee before logging into the home office. Maybe you were wrangling the kids out of bed a little earlier to get them back into the school routine.


In new Brekky host Dan’s house however, routine has gone out the window. With two kids aged three and five, as he puts it “I had enough of these grey rental walls.” The solution to his isolation induced funk? A quick, COVID safe drive around the block.

“I broke. I just said ‘kids, get in the car, we’re going for a drive’. I know, we followed all the government guidelines, we masked up in the car, the kids masked up too.”

Reminiscent of Qantas’ Flight to Nowhere, Dan proceeded to circle to block with his kids, if only to regain a sense of normality (and also as an opportunity to listen to the Frozen soundtrack). Satisfied with the outcome he had achieved, he returned to the now slightly less grey rental walls, unmasked and continued his lockdown.

However, he couldn’t help but recognise that despite his kids not normally being that excited by a drive, clearly the bar for entertainment has significantly lowered.

To hear Dan’s full confession, check out the podcast below:

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