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At 10am tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th of May, join us on air and Facebook live for a real and candid discussion with Daniel Principe from Collective Shout. Daniel Principe

Daniel Principe is a youth advocate, educator and event host. Daniel partners with schools and communities to challenge porn culture and the sexualisation of women and girls. Working with young men across Australia to reimagine healthy expressions of masculinity and manhood.

A health professional, Daniel has a background in PR, marketing, media, and works as an adviser in the non-profit health sector. He recognises the urgent need to help equip young people with the tools necessary to understand the impacts of harmful messaging from media, advertising, pop culture and the global porn industry. He encourages young men to see how these cultural forces fuel distorted ideas and attitudes about bodies, relationships and sexuality. Daniel champions young boys to resist these harmful messages and be courageous and become good men by aspiring for something far better for their lives.

He helps young people navigate these cultural challenges and harmful stereotypes. He’s committed to advocating for healthy messages about sex, consent and building respectful relationships.  Daniel is a dynamic and natural communicator who has co-presented in schools with Melinda Tankard Reist (Director, Collective Shout) over a number of years. Together they have addressed teachers, parents and community groups across Australia on how we can all help raise healthy, resilient and empathetic young people.

Daniel will be joining Mike in the studio from 10am for a conversation on toxic masculinity, sexualisation of girls and women, and porn culture . Tune in on air or join in the conversation on Facebook Live. Join in the conversation live as it happens by text or Facebook comment, or you can submit an anonymous question below.

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