Dan completed his mini-triathlon!

Thursday, April 7, 2022 11:21 am
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At the start of the year, Dan dropped his daughter Ruby off at kindy and noticed there were quite a few fit looking dads. So he has had an epiphany.. maybe he should get fit too! “I think its time for me to do something about it.”

So for the past 8 weeks he has been training with his fitness Sherpa Ray, from Roar Fitness. In the anticipation of completing a mini triathlon and becoming the epitome of health!  “Every week I’m seeing some progress. Every week a different part of me hurts.”  This morning, listeners tuned in with words of encourage as he prepared to finish a 2km run, 10km bike ride and a 400m swim.

He completed his run with extra time to spare and as he hopped onto his bike his family arrived to show their support. Lastly he hopped into the pool to show off his swimming skills. With a mixture of breast stroke, freestyle and butterfly and finally finishing with a celebratory handstand! “It took 51 minutes I’m happy with that!”

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