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Dan and Kirsti Image: Channel Nine

Lego Masters 2022 is underway and we are already ‘blocked’ to our screens.

Dan and Kirsti have very different building styles but were excited to get into the grove of working together. But unfortunately their fun came to an end when they were eliminated after the Beginning Middle and End challenge. “That initial burst of inspiration you either hit the mark and get it or you struggle a bit. This time we struggled with generating a good idea.” They joined Bec and Jeziel to tell us about their time of the show and their favourite builds.

Dan and Kirsti didn’t know each other before the show and were paired together “Whoever was picking them did amazing. Looking back there is no one else I would have wanted to do this with.”  There favourite thing to build together was the bridge. “We had so many challenges and builds we are proud of.” 

You can watch Lego Master on Channel Nine Sunday at 7 pm and 7:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday. Who is your favourite Lego Masters team? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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