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Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

When I take my Cocker Spaniel for a walk, there are always kids between the age of three to seven melting down at how cute she looks. I imagine my dog has caused many kids asking their parents about getting a dog. 

When it comes to such a historic event as getting a family dog, the final say always seems to come down to the dad. I remember my father saying he had final say in breed, gender and name. A cute thought in hindsight but never agreed upon.

This dad however had written up a contract for his three children with 13 clauses they all had to agree to before the purchase of said dog went ahead.

I bet there are a few dads out there looking at this and taking pointers.

There are probably even more dads shaking there head thinking, “too little, too late. Where was this when the question came up in my household?” 😉


Image Source: Boredpanda

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