Crystal Deodorant?

Thursday, February 8, 2018 1:50 pm
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Kirste & Morro’s Random Review: Crystal Deodorant

First thing’s first: what the heck is crystal deodorant?

It’s a chunk of mineral salt, polished down into a gem-like stone.


Super chic. Au – naturel.

You wet the topic of the stone and apply it to clean skin and it offers a gentle alternative to drug store deodorant that some experts say is full of chemicals and can lead to breast cancer.

The only thing is, your body has to go through a bit of a “mainstream deodorant detox”.

“When people have been using mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants, their bodies are prevented from sweating—ingredients like propylene glycol and aluminum salts stop the natural process of sweat,” explains organic skincare guru Susan Griffin-Black, co-founder of EO Products. “The first few weeks of using a deodorant without these ingredients is often the smelliest time of a person’s life!” says Black.

But after about 5 days your body adjusts!

So what was Kirste’s review? 15/93.

It’s a no from her, she couldn’t get through the week of being a lil’ smelly, BUT Morro’s wife Bec LOVES it, she swears by it.

So what do you think family, have you tried it, whats your review?

Listen to the podcast from this morning here Random Reviews.

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