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As parents, we often make the mistake of pressuring our kids to perform well to ensure we see that elusive A grade on their report.

Craig Hunter, Vice Principal of Rehoboth Christian College joined Mike on Weekdays. With mid-year school reports due out in a few weeks Craig had some tips for approaching your child’s report card.

Here are some common mistakes we all make:

  • Giving $20 for each A they get doesn’t motivate kids!
  • Compare your child to their Siblings
  • Blame “I told you that you should have worked harder.”
  • Consider music, art and sport grades don’t matter when it is all part of learning.
  • Beat ourselves up that we are a failure as parents or success if they got good marks -vicarious parenting!
  • Other extreme – Say it doesn’t matter what mark you got- we all need to grow!

Listen to the whole conversation with Craig Hunter below

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