Cottesloe Beaches to become Smoke Free Zones

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 10:54 am
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The Town of Cottesloe has announced that all Cottesloe beaches will now be smoke-free zones.

Cottesloe Beaches will now be smoke free zones

Cottesloe city councillors unanimously voted in the decision after city staff suggested bringing in the law to just the 3 most popular beaches, as it would leave smokers with no other alternative. The council rejected this idea but will be open for community feedback for the next 3 weeks.

The consequences of breaking this new law have not yet been outlined, but other councils like Joondalup will hit you with an on the spot $50 fine if caught by a ranger. Cottesloe councillors have suggested that the public take it upon themselves to help police this policy as the city do not have the resources to constantly monitor people on the beach.

“It’s about promoting Cottesloe’s entire beachfront as a smoke-free zone,” said Councillor Sally Pyvis. “It’s not about a heavy-handed approach to infringement and infringing people, it’s not about additional rangers or dedicated signage, it is about public education of raising the awareness that smoking in public places impacts the environment, especially the marine environment and other people.”

The Town of Cottesloe would be the third metropolitan local government in WA to ban smoking after Joondalup in 2007 and Cockburn in 2008.

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