Coronavirus, toilet paper and national hysteria

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 12:15 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Steve McAlpine from Third Space joined Brekky this morning to discuss the global situation with Coronavirus.

For Steve, this virus is revealing stuff about the population politically; how we’re not ready for it, and distrust people who have the correct knowledge.

This distrust has lead and spread of potentially incorrect information has lead to a hybrid of road rage manifesting in the toilet paper aisles of the local grocery store.

Perhaps us sophisticated humans are not in as much control as we thought we were.

Steve outlined how the spiritual aspect of the situation has shown how we are not as community-minded as we claim to be. Particularly exposing our selfish side, looking after our own individual rights before others.

So, what do we do to strengthen this fragile hope in the shadow of a crisis like Coronavirus? Hold onto what church does so well: community.

People are envious of what we have. We all need community, particularly when situations like this arise.

You can listen to the full interview with Steve McAlpine on Brekky below.


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