Does Corey’s night sweats mean he has Andropause?

Monday, September 16, 2019 11:25 am
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Poor Corey, he has another … concern… he’d like to share with the family. Lately, he’s been waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat.

He needs some advice from the family to combat his night sweats because his current solution isn’t working.

Corey’s moved his bed under his window so that he can open it and get a nice fresh breeze. But this is actually causing another issue. When the window is open, light streams in and Corey can only sleep when it’s totally dark. So he closes the blinds to block the light and you guessed it; when the freeze floats through the blinds bang and crash.

“When you wake up with these night sweats, is it just a touch on the brow?” asked Kirste.

“Oh no, it’s on my belly and thighs, so I have to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, grab a towel and towel down”, replied Corey.

Corey has also tried sleeping with a fan but he feels like a fan disrupts the aesthetic of his bedroom decor so that idea is out. He also feels guilty using the air-con as he’s not paying the bills, so that’s out too.

So Corey needs help family, he’s willing to try any suggestions you’ve got for him!

Patrina from Mandurah suffered from night sweats for years before discovering she had gut health and blood sugar problems. Once she got onto a quality probiotic and multivitamin, her diet balanced out and her night sweats go away!

Berrin texted in suggesting Corey has andropause. It’s like the male equivalent of menopause that older men can suffer from.

“The symptoms of andropause are breast enlargement, decreased motivation, decreased self-confidence, difficulty remembering things, increased nervousness, reduced muscle mass and strength, reduced body hair. I have all of thoes things except the breast enlargement!” Corey nervously laughed.

Chris from Merriwa has also suffered from night sweat. He recently bought new bedsheets because he found out that higher thread count sheets are better insulators than lower count sheets. So the lower the thread count, the more air can pass through!

Of course, Corey didn’t know what kind of sheets are on his bed because “his mum bought them.” So Chris has recommended that Corey go out and buy low count cotton sheets for his bed.

What other advice could you offer him family?

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