Corey defends his “flare jeans”

Monday, September 9, 2019 12:50 pm
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Have a listen to Corey defend his “flares” on The Brekky Show this morning.


Corey has a bone to pick with us all this morning… Corey dubbed last Friday as “Flare Friday”. He bought a new pair of flared jeans online, they finally arrived in the mail and he got to wear them into the office.

He was very excited about Flare Friday, he talked about it all last week while he eagerly awaited for his parcel to be delivered.

So, our digital producer Rachel took a photo of Corey in his flare jeans and uploaded it to our Facebook page.

And how did that go down?

“… there are now 60+ comments and every single one says ‘they’re not real flares’, ‘real flares are much wider’, ‘they’re not anywhere near being real flares’, thanks Barbara.” Corey listed off the Family’s reviews.

You can read all the comments on the picture on our Facebook page.

Even Kirste sheepishly admitted that they don’t look like flares.

But Corey has something to say to all those commenters, he wants to defend himself!

“It’s the photo… It’s a bad camera angle. The camera adds 10 pounds and takes off flares!” Corey argued. “You see, I had to roll them up. The jeans are too long for me, so I had to tuck them under a bit, so they lost a bit of the flare! But I promise, they’re flares.”

But we think we may have fixed the problem for you family … does this help?


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