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Last month, one of the family members, Nick called out Corey for a challenge. That day, Corey had been talking about how he was a little afraid of needles. Now Nick is a regular blood donor, so Nick had the perfect idea for Corey to face his fear.

What better way for someone to get over their fear of needles, than to donate blood for the first time! So off these two went hand in hand, recliner next to recliner to donate.

Let me tell you, we came away with so much more than we gave yesterday! The staff at the Red Cross were so friendly (even a little too funny) and we learnt so much about the process and how much we can impact other lives.

The first surprise we got, was that the actual donation took only 6 minutes!

It was so fast. This may have been due to how much water and Gatorade the nurses pumped into Corey beforehand. Apparently the better hydrated you are, the smoother the blood runs into the collection bag.

After the blood is collected it’s used to save up to 3 lives within 2 weeks! The Red Cross will even send you a text when and where your donation is used.

Nurse Mel was very impressed by Corey’s “beautiful veins”, encouraging him to come back in a few weeks to donate plasma. As Corey is of “elite, athletic build” he’s the perfect candidate for a plasma donation. The plasma is the liquid part of the blood that carries cells and proteins throughout the body. (It looks like apple juice … or another body fluid.)

Amazingly, your healthy plasma can be used to save a life in 18 critical conditions! Gina, one of the lovely staff explained to us that plasma is basically your immune system. So your healthy ‘immune system’ can treat serious burns and cancer, to protecting people with brain or blood disorders. You can donate plasma every 2 weeks and whole blood every 12 weeks – so some of the regulars at this centre had racked up 500 donations!

To finish up the appointment Corey got served a piping hot sausage roll, a milkshake, crackers and chocolate!

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